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About Syrphe

Syrphe (hoverfly in English) is a platform focused on music and events in the field of electronic music, noise, avant-garde, contemporary classical, electro-acoustic, industrial, experimental, sound art (...) specially from Africa and Asia but not exclusively. Syrphe tries to establish new connections and exchanges between musicians, promoters, galleries, venues, magazines, radio stations from all over the world and tends to spread above all awareness about Asian and African composers. CDs and other formats are now and then published, lectures, workshops and concerts are also sometimes given in various art centres, universities, museums and venues. C-drík, behind the label/platform hosts several radio shows on Colaboradio (Berlin & Potsdam), Radio Staalplaat (Berlin), (New Delhi) presenting new and old discoveries in sound art, electro-acoustic, improv, musique concrète, ambient mostly originating from Asia, Africa and Latin America and publishes newsletters, writings and essays around that topic.

Textolux is or was (nothing yet planned for the future) a sublabel promoting alternative electro, minimal wave, etc.

You can find the catalogue and place your orders here or on Bandcamp (where you can listen to our releases, some are free/pay as you wish - see the last rows).

Syrphe also offers some mixing and mastering services, you can see some details here or send an email to ask some questions.

Demo policy : most demos will not be accepted due to the fact that our budget is extremely limited ; many demos we receive don't correspond at all to what we want to release, most musicians sending us demos never listened to our productions and never bought any neither, they clearly don't care about what we publish but expect to publish their music often already available on line... So think twice or event thrice before contacting us.

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