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Photo by Stefan Alt

(last update, 5 April2012)

Axiome was born in January 1991. The project is a collaboration between two very old friends Olivier Moreau [Imminent, Urawa, Torsion, Tricot Trio, etc.] and C-drík [Ammo, Elekore, Kirdec, Črno klank, Tetra plok and many more].

After releasing some industrial music on a few tape labels the first cd [a kind of compilation including tracks recorded between 1994 and 1999] was released by Ant-Zen in 1999.

Since then Axiome has recorded a few other records in various genres such as electro-industrial, minimal experimental and breakcore.

New cd and digital album on Ant-Zen.

All Axiome releases published on Ant-Zen are available on cd and or vinyl and digital format here.

Nearly full discography at Discogs.


  • 1991 | Théorie et progression [split C60 with Crno klank - Sépulkrales Katakombes, Belgium]
  • 1999 | Rictus [CD - and digital Ant-Zen, Germany]
  • 2002 | Ça ne nous rendra pas le Congo [CD and digital - Ant-Zen, Germany]
  • 2002 | Va-t-il faire beau ? [12" and digital - Ant-Zen, Germany]
  • 2005 | Il pleut des cordes [12" and digital - Ant-Zen, Germany]
  • 2012 | Ten hymns for sorbetière or how I learned to stop worrying and love the freezer [CD and digital - Ant-Zen, Germany]
  • 1992 | Embryo [C60 - Sépulkrales katakombes, Belgium]
  • 1993 | The dreams that could awake [C60 - Exprel, France]
  • 1996 | Archives humaines vol. 1 [C90 - Sépulkrales katakombes, Belgium]
  • 1997 | Krafty move [CD - Energy, Germany]
  • 1999 | Nmbi II [CD - Pro noize, Germany]

  • 2012 | Vriespunt, taken from Ten Hymns For Sorbetière Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Freezer. Video by Olivier Moreau.