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Črno klank was born in the middle of 1989. The project started as a duo playing noise, industrial and experimental ; the two members were Vinofv -052 and C-drík [Kirdec, Axiome, Ambre, etc.]. In 1992 the band splitted [because of musical and above all political point of views] and C-drík decided to go on alone. But the project soon stayed more or less in standby until he decided to restart it as a collective in which several people from Belgium and France could play [XD, a throat singer, Greg Durez and Benjamin, who are musicians - above all drummers - in several traditional bands such as Les esprits frappeurs and JeannElisabeth Shrapnel and Aliena Vena as a singer]. But once again the project didn't last.

C-drík is now mostly working alone for this project composing tracks including influences from traditional music, electro-acoustic, ambient, industrial, noise or power electronics.

But the project is still open to any kind of collaboration and C-drík worked together with Gisèle Pape on a short movie presented at the experimental short film festival Fenêtre sur court in Paris and won a prize for the best soundtrack. The short film was published by the German label Ad Noiseam on DVD.

Videoclip of Atalodz (Gisèle Pape/C-drík Fermont, 2005)

Live video on Youtube. (Tel Aviv, Israel, 2008)

Find a free audio release called Chéngyì here.

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Video :

Atalodz, experimental short movie directed by Gisèle Pape, December 2005. Published by Ad Noiseam, prize for the best soundtrack at the French experimental short movie festival Côté Court 2005.


  • 1991 | Črno klank - Katakomb [split C60 with Axiome - SÚpulkrales Katakombes, Belgium]
  • 1992 | Crno klank - Cloportes [split C60 with M.E.3 and Globuleux - SÚpulkrales Katakombes, Belgium]
  • 1994 | Crno klank - Actividad sonora [split C60 with M. Nomized - SÚpulkrales Katakombes, Belgium / Fraction studio, France]
  • 2003 | Crno Klank - ╔tat des lieux [CD - Adnoiseam, Germany]