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Dead Hollywood stars

Between 1999 and 2002 Dead Hollywood stars was John Sellekaers [Ammo, Xingu hill,Torsion], Hervé Thomas [Hint, Fragile], and C-drík [Kirdec, Tetra plok, Ambre, Axiome, etc.] with the help of Rob[U]Rang [Silk saw, Moonsanto, etc.] and M. Medea [Silk saw, Moonsanto, etc.] on a few tracks. The band mixed different elements from ambient, western movie music, jazz, blues and electronica.

Since 2003 the line up of the band has totaly changed, please have a look at the official site for more info and full discography.

Interview in French on dMute (March 2003)

Videoclip of Last Train To Aldebaran (200)

Photo by Aton @ Seven

Video :

Last train to Aldebaran, video clip directed by Benjamin K. Hodges, 2002. Published by Hymen Records and Mad Monkey Records.


  • 2000 | Dead Hollywood Stars - Gone west [CD - Mad Monkey Records, USA]
  • 2000 | Dead Hollywood Stars - Wagon of miracles [12" - Mad Monkey Records, USA]
  • 2002 | Dead Hollywood Stars - Junctions [CD - Mad Monkey Records / Hymen, USA/Germany]
  • 2002 | Dead Hollywood Stars - Junctions / Gone West [CD - Mad Monkey Records / Hymen, USA/Germany]