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Moonsanto was a collaboration between Rob[U]Rang [Silk saw, Jardin d'usure, etc.], M Medea [Silk saw, Jardin d'usure], John Sellekaers [Ammo, Dead Hollywood stars, Ambre, Urawa, etc.] and C-drík [Kirdec, Tetra plok, Ambre, Axiome, etc.]. The band started in 1999.

The music was the result of some jam sessions [with machines, voices, toys, bass, organ, etc.], recorded and re-built. It sounds sometimes ambient, sometimes like a weird futuristic western movie soundtrack, or old school industrial, disco, gabber, experimental with lyrics speaking about genetically modified food and agro-industry. plays under different names or bands like Axiome, Kirdec, Crno klank to speak about a few].

Photo by Damienne de Harlez


  • 2000 | Moonsanto - Dogme [CD - Hushush, Canada]
  • 001 | Moonsanto - Fraud, Hell, Dope [CD - Hushush, Canada]
  • 2001 | Moonsanto - Pesticide for ever kit [CD + C10 - Hushush, Canada] [+ postcards, t-shirt in a special bag]