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One Man Nation (On tour - Fall 2010/Europe - Info here)

One Man Nation's work was best described by Portuguese avant-garde collective Soopa as a "performance that transmitted a deep narrative feeling of geopolitical disenchantment, ingrained into dark textures." This disenchantment exists on more levels than purely narrative, it is exorcised by the use of every part of his body as a whole, that presence with the inclusion of the sounds produced by the intended or accidental gestures and physical actions - everything is technology making anything and everything potentially an instrument, a source of sound, a critique - the avoidance of a priori drawn ways, ontologically reinventing the possibilities of life, and as a living performer/artist, exploring all the possibilities in the here, in the now. Meandering seamlessly through all pigeon-holed genres and trends creating eclectic sounds that stretches boundaries unsurpassed. A renegade producer of electronic music originally from the city-state of Singapore, and has released 3 studio releases to date under the moniker One Man Nation, filled with tunes that “tantalizes one’s ears with a patchwork of everyday samples, delicately drizzled over droning sounds”. On stage, he brings forth his own brand of music and performance art as the various disciplines amalgamate smoothly into the musical flow of improvises beats and samples in an improvised creation of a soundtrack so desolate. One Man Nation aka Marc Chia (b.1982, Singapore) is currently living in Rotterdam finishing his post-graduate in Media Design at the Piet Zwart Institute. He has collaborated in his short little lifetime with practitioners of various disciplines such as C-drik Fermont, Damo Suzuki, Zai Kuning, Mindfuckingboy, Olaff Kehler, Richard Scott, Katie Duck, Alfredo Genovesi, Soopa Collective and Pierre Bastien.

Recent en devours include a foray into the realm of new media, presenting new works contained only within the Open-Source framework as well as commencing work on a physical interface for musical performance with a computer.